Hammerhead Entertainment is a full-service video and content production company located in the Charlotte, NC area. Established in 2004 by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., we are skilled at producing content for a wide range of national and international clients in various industries. Our capabilities include commercials, television programs, marketing materials, creative online videos and radio content. Essentially, we can handle all of your production needs.


Let us help you with location scouting, talent casting and set design to ensure that you are equipped with everything needed for a successful shoot. We can film at our 10,000 square foot studio space in Mooresville, NC, or we also have the capabilities to travel to your desired location. Our experienced team of professionals can complete all of the post-production processing necessary to deliver high-quality results.


Our productions have been featured on many major networks, including ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, SPEED, DIRECTV, Fox and Velocity. With our dedication to establishing quality relationships and partnerships, our client list continues to grow. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Nationwide Insurance, Unilever, Valvoline, Chevrolet and Sprint, as well as all of the top agencies.


Our company may have started out as a creative outlet for NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr., but Hammerhead Entertainment has evolved into a full service production and post production company.  Our resume and client list demonstrates that we have earned our place as a top entertainment and production company in Charlotte.

Regina Smith Business Development

After 5 years in the business and trying out evey job from PA, teleprompter operator, coordinator, producer and on an occasional day I even tried my hat at talent, I have settled into my place as Director of Business Developement. Those years spent as part of the crew provided me with the tools to understand the clients vision and how to apply Hammerheads skill and talent while utilizing the highest quality equipment and technology available to deliver professional results. 


Megan Collier Producer

Production manager working in production for over 14 years, I have spent the majority of those years working in commercial production. My career started in post production working with some of the best in the business. But I wanted to be involved from start to finish on the projects, so I soon transitioned into a Producer for a Production Company located in Charlotte NC. My education at "Production University" took 10 years of work experience working side by side with a top notch director and some great clients. I have had the pleasure of traveling the country, shooting in some of the most beautiful places in the U.S. 3 years ago I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Hammerhead crew on a project for the National Guard and they left such an impression I never left!

Nick Bertram Director

As a kid, I "borrowed" my Dad's camcorder and taped over treasured home videos to make stop animations, short films, and skate videos. This lead me to East Carolina University's Communication's Program where I graduated with a degree in Media Production, with Honors. I submitted my senior thesis film "mixtape" to the Blu Moon Film Festival and won first place. Soon after I ended up in Charlotte, NC and landed a job with Hammerhead Entertainment. I started as a part time PA and assistant editor and worked up from there. Over the years I was able to gain experience shooting, editing, mixing sound, lighting, producing, etc. "Jack of all Trades" is an understatement. But having experience in all aspects of production has provided me a solid foundation for my newest venture; Director.


Laurie Smith Administration

Coming from a big family it comes naturally for me to be a multi-tasker. Master of keeping a spreadsheet, my coworkers tease me that I can track information seven ways to Sunday. On any given day you can find me answering the phones, booking a studio rental, managing the books, ordering supplies, shopping for craft service, and occasionally repainting or decorating. It's been a pleasure watching Hammerhead grow these last few years and I am thankful to have been part of that journey!


Formed in 2004 by Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Hammerhead has evolved into a full-service production company producing national and international programming from its Mooresville, NC headquarters. Their programming has been viewed across the board of all major networks including ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, SPEED, DirecTV, FOX, and Velocity.

The Hammerhead client list continues to grow with new partnerships as well as building upon the relationships that continue to grow over the years. The partnerships between Hammerhead and Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Nationwide Insurance, Unilever, Valvoline, Chevrolet and Sprint continue to produce nationally broadcasted television commercials, shows, as well as high quality online content.